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12 Free Dinosaur Coloring Pages

Welcome friends! Welcome to the Jurassic world! Here you will not only find dinosaurs that are larger than buildings, but also those that are older than your great-grandfather! So, this time you have a serious coloring to do. Make sure you dye them well because the dinosaurs do not like them if they do not get their favorite colors! And do you know what they do when they do not like something? Yes, you guessed it. They eat you! So, friends, strap on and be ready with your crayons! The journey begins soon! Dinosaurs are animals of the reptile family, much like the lizards that come to your room every night (bigger only)! They existed about 243 million years ago! However, 66 million years ago, all dinosaurs on the planet died out. Do you know why that happened? Many believe that a large asteroid suddenly hit our earth and killed all dinosaurs and dragons in no time. But are the dinosaurs still living in the Juraworld? Thanks to Dr. Henry Wu, who built dinosaurs with a mosquito! Dinosaurs, like other reptiles (and also like birds), give birth through eggs. When they are born, they would barely reach the height of your knee. But when they grow into adult dinosaurs, they are bigger than your house! Make sure that these eggs are just the right color for the baby dinosaurs to easily break through.

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Dinosaurs Coloring Pages
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Dino Coloring Pages
Dinosaurs Coloring
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