Easter Coloring Pages

Coloring page Happy Easter Coloring page, The rabbit or rabbit hole helped the adoption of the animal in the context of Easter celebrations. Believers saw that the hare came out of his under ground house as a symbol of Jesus coming out of the tomb. Perhaps this was another case in which one took an already existing symbol and gave it a Christian meaning.

The Easter Bunny came to America with German immigrants, and the rabbit’s role passed to the common American hare. Originally, the kids made nests for the rabbit in hats, hoods or fancy paper boxes, rather than the baskets of today. Once the children had completed their nests, they put them in a secluded place so as not to scare the shy rabbit. The attractive nests full colored.

Coloring Pages Easter
Happy Easter Coloring Pages
Easter Coloring Pages

Easter coloring pages are very popular, especially in Western countries. A large collection of free printable coloring on the subject is available on this site. Some pictures show easter bunnies in different back grounds and some others show nice patterned easter eggs. Color those pictures as your creative mind guides and use them as Easter decorations. You can also download the Easter coloring book and let the Easter holidays begin.

Easter Coloriage
Easter Bunny Coloring Pages

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