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Monkeys are tree-like creatures that spend most of their time on treetops. They interact with people in a mischievous and quick-witted way. They are also known for doing pranks on people. This makes them great attractions in zoos and other natural areas around the world.

Monkeys are considered the smartest animal. Several films have been made that describe the intelligence of the monkeys. So, why do not you give your child a good set of monkey coloring pages that they can enjoy and learn more about the species? Monkey Malblätter are both funny and educational. Your child can get to know the different types of monkeys and at the same time enjoy coloring the diagrams.

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The monkey is the ancestor of us humans. He lives, for example, in parts of America, Africa and Asia. Preferably in the woods, of course. Monkeys vary in size depending on the species and can also bring different weight on the scales. The monkey coloring pages you can easily black, brown or gray color, because that is their coat color and with the fur they are almost completely covered. Only the hands and feet have no fur. Every now and then the face is hairless. Your body resembles that of a human, because monkeys can grab. They need that, so they can climb trees. Monkeys live in groups and are herbivores, meaning they eat fruits, mushrooms, seeds, leaves and flowers. Some people eat everything, they are so-called omnivores. Their food includes spiders, insects and bird eggs. Monkeys can live between 10 and 15 years old.

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Coloring Pages Monkey
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