The Grinch Coloring Pages

The inhabitants of Whoville are probably the biggest Christmas fans ever: all year they are looking forward to the festival and prepare for it. Only one person sees it in a different way: the grumpy Grinch (voice in the original: Benedict Cumberbatch / German voice: Otto Waalkes) lives with his faithful dog Max in a lonely cave in the mountains above Whoville and can not stand Christmas.

That’s why he usually waits until the festivities are over, but this year he runs out of supplies. So he has to go to Whoville for shopping and is so annoyed by the holiday preparations that he decides to steal Christmas. But he does not come to implement his nasty plan, because he meets the little Cindy-Lou, who stayed awake longer on Christmas Eve to meet Santa Claus …

Free The Grinch Coloring Pages
16 Best Christmas The Grinch Coloring Pages for Kids
Grinch Coloringpages
Grinch Coloring Pages
Grinch Christmas Printable Coloring Pages
Free Printable Grinch Coloring Pages For Kids

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