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Coloring pages of the fourth version of Toy Story, Toy Story 4 by Pixar.

Woody has always believed in his place in this world. His biggest priority is taking care of Andy and Bonnie. When Bonnie’s job turned into a toy craft project called Forky, which sees itself as a “garbage” rather than a toy, Woody decides to show him why it’s fun to be a toy. When Bonnie takes her toy on a family outing, Woody encounters an unexpected detour with his old friend Bo Peep. After traveling alone for years, Bo has taken on an adventurous character that stands in stark contrast to her fragile porcelain appearance. But once Woody and Bo find out that there is a big difference between them, they quickly realize that there are more pressing issues to worry about.

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Woody and Buzz, the fans’ favorite, return to the big screen in Toy Story 4 with many different roles. Woody is a cowboy sheriff that Andy liked so many years ago when he pulled a rope. But Woody finds himself in distress, though he finds a new home between Bonnie and his toys. The change is not easy for a toy that has lived with the same child for years. Director Josh Cooley says, bir There’s a whole new dynamic that’s interesting to me. Bonnie plays her toys differently than Andy does, and she has other toys that know her better. So I knew Woody wouldn’t be his favorite toy, ”he says.

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Buzz returns in style with his falling skills and loyalty to his friends and former rival Woody. “Buzz sees Woody need a change, Cool Cooley adds. Or She wants to support and help her. But his efforts make him fall to a fairground and put him on the game stand as a reward. ”

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